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Calendar is an important part of our daily life which keeps us informed about the date and future event. Calendar is the best time keeping tool and people from all over the world use calendars to chart the birth and death of their beloved ones and keep track all the important event of day to day life. In calendar pictures category you will find different calendar wallpapers. Calendar pics are often used to decorate computer desktops as by placing them to desktop make it easy to keep track on different dates and days of week. If you want to share calendar photos with others then please create an account at and then start uploading and sharing calendars with others. Note: If any of the picture you see in this category is own by you or copyright protected, you can send us email to put your name and website's link with it, or if you don't want it to be shared at this site the we shall remove it on your request. As this site is for entertaining people not to tease others.
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